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A Crappie Attitude

white crappie (pomoxis annularis) black crappie (pomoxis nigromaculatus) Also Known As: croppie crappé  papermouths strawberry bass speckled bass or specks speckled perch white perch crappie bass calico bass sac-a-lait oswego bass

5 Impressive Ways To Clean A Fish

Part of the angling lifestyle is cooking what you catch. We all have our own techniques when it comes to scaling, cleaning, and fileting. Some of us realize that we could be doing better, and some of us shake our heads when watching others that don’t follow our tested/proven technique.

Tips To Make Your Shore Lunch More Enjoyable

No great Canadian fishing trip would be complete without a shore lunch. Docking at a scenic shoreline and enjoying your freshly caught fish can be the most rewarding experience. All the tastes and flavours are so delicious when enjoyed in the great outdoors. They can also be a lot of work, so here are our tips […]

Top 10 Best Finger Foods For Your Next Boating Trip

Planning a boating day on the water would not be complete without something to eat. But what do you bring when you have minimal cold storage and no way of reheating food? We have complied a list of 10 of the best finger foods to bring on your next boating excursion that are both easy […]

Fish Recipes: Street-Truck Style Fish Tacos

Winter is coming to a close and Summer is just around the corner.  It’s making all of us at Legend Boats crave some Summer heat! We have put together fish recipes that use those great catches in your freezer that will surely bring that endless summer feeling. This recipe is for street truck style fish […]