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Top 10 Best Finger Foods For Your Next Boating Trip

Planning a boating day on the water would not be complete without something to eat. But what do you bring when you have minimal cold storage and no way of reheating food? We have complied a list of 10 of the best finger foods to bring on your next boating excursion that are both easy and delicious.

1.Frozen grapes

These are the perfect snack for a hot day on the water. Pre-freeze the grapes the night before in a large freezer bag and snack on them throughout the day. They also make the perfect freezer pack to help keep other foods cold but don’t worry if they defrost on you, they’ll still be delicious.

2.Pasta salad

Pasta salad is a classic summer staple and is even tastier while boating. You can add any type of veggies and toppings you’d like. Just make sure that you use an oil based dressing and not mayo so it keeps for longer.

3.Veggie skewers and dip

Picking veggies that don’t need to be refrigerated will help save space in your cooler box for things like your favourite dip. Use BBQ skewers to keep tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower and cucumbers in place for optimal dipping.

4.Mix and match trail mix

Trail mix is a staple traveling food because it’s easy to make, keeps well and is perfect to munch on. Add your favourite nuts, dried fruits and candies for your own version on a classic trail mix.

5.Sandwich wraps

These can be pre-made the night before and should be kept in the cooler box. Sandwich wraps are a great party boat snack because lots can be made quickly and they are a mess-free finger food.

6.Homemade iced tea

Although it’s not exactly a finger food, iced tea is a refreshing way to wash down your yummy snacks. Instead of packing soda in the cooler box you can decant homemade iced tea into individual containers like mason jars that will fit securely between drink ice packs.

7.Homemade Muffins

These are great finger foods especially if you are heading out on the water early in the morning. Make your favourite kind of muffin the day before and individually wrap them for each boater. You can always get store bought muffins instead, don’t worry we won’t tell.

8.Fishy crackers

Of course, we had to put this on the list! You can pack any of your favourite salty bit sized snack but make sure you keep them in individual sealed containers. This will prevent them from getting soggy out on the water.

Pontoons Only

Pontoons often have extra features that help make meals on the water a lot easier. Messy foods are no longer a no go on board when dirty fingers can be rinsed off in the sink and heating up simple foods is not a problem with a portable marine grill. Here are our pro pontoon menu items.

Legend Portable Marine Grill

9.Hot dogs

These party finger foods are a lot easier to make on a boat with a marine grill. Instead of bringing a full bottle of ketchup consider saving small restaurant condiment packets for your next boating meal.

10.Walking tacos

Walking tacos are a fun food for kids but can get a little messy. Before a boating excursion cut up veggies and other taco toppings you like. Pack the toppings on board along with small bags of taco chips like Doritos. When you are ready to assemble your Walking Tacos cut the side of the chip bag open and add the rest of your toppings. Enjoy!

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