Become a Legend Partner

The Legend Partner Advantage

At Legend, we do things a little differently. We offer a fully priced, turn-key system that ensures you have the product your customers want, with the features they need, at the price they’re happy to pay.

Why should you partner with Legend Boats?

  • 100% Canadian and family-owned since 1968

    For over 50 years, Legend is proud to have had the same family, same owners, and the same values. All of your dealings with us are in Canadian terms. You won’t need to worry about calculating exchange rates and border crossings.

  • Fully Priced Program

    Simply stated, it makes your life a whole lot easier. The backbone to Legend’s success is the fully-priced catalogue and website. Potential clients can be quickly quoted a consistent price, time and time again, and be assured that it is the best price for that package across the country. Clients and sales professionals can fully educate themselves on all Legend products from specs and construction methods to standard equipment and pricing. Nothing is hidden.

  • No guessing

    We’ll worry about what the right retail packaging and pricing are. You and your staff only have to worry about displaying and having inventory and helping people onto the water.

  • Consistent pricing

    Never compete against the same product for less money. “Price wars” are eliminated as each Legend partner sells at the same printed low prices across Canada.

  • Easy access to information

    All of the information you and your customers need is right there at your fingertips in one easy-to-use, fully-priced catalogue or on our website, You, your staff, and your customers can become experts within hours.

  • In-Depth Understanding of the Canadian Market

    Legend Boats are designed by Canadians for Canadians with the input of Canadians. We design and assemble custom packages that will withstand the rugged Canadian environment and meet all of the unique needs of the Canadian market.

  • National advertising

    Our fully-priced ads and website direct qualified potential customers through your doors. It rounds out our “turn-key” system quite nicely.

  • You make money

    Competitive, value-packed, easy-to-sell boats and profit! Sounds like a winning combination.

  • Predictable Profit

    Due to our unique fully-priced program, a partner can calculate, even before the sale, what their profit is going to be. “If I sell A package with B engine and options, I will make C number of dollars... every single time.” Now that’s peace of mind.

  • Large Protected partner Territory

    You need to make sales to survive. Putting partners too close together isn’t good for anyone. Although the nature of our fully-priced program does allow for partners to be in close proximity to each other, we do not believe in placing partners close together. You will never have to compete with each other on the same product at different prices, with consistent use of our catalogue.

  • No Contracts

    We want you to continue our business relationship only if it makes sense for you to do so, not because you’re locked into a contract.

  • One-Stop Shopping

    Welded or riveted, full windshield or single console, pontoon, deck boat, fishing boat or utility, we offer a complete line of recreational products all under one roof. You and your customer can choose the style of boat that fits, all from one easy-to-deal-with supplier.

  • Partners Are Treated Equally

    Regardless of your size, all Legend Partners have the same opportunities within our program. Legend Factory Stores are just another Legend Partner. Every Legend Partner follows the same programs, pricing and have the same opportunities.

  • Training

    We want you to learn from us, and us to learn from you. We’ll do that informally all year and formally once a year over two days of fun and sharing.

  • Extensive Retail Experience

    We know what works in the real world from doing it ourselves face to face with customers on the selling floor. It has taken us over 50 years, but we’re getting pretty good at it. We won’t ask you to do anything that we haven’t already proven to work ourselves.

  • Less Work For You

    Packages arrive complete, pre-rigged and customized for the Canadian market. All you have to do is install the Mercury outboard of choice. Having to source, negotiate, inventory and install things like tops, trailers, fishfinders and trolling motors are our challenges, not yours.


Interested in becoming a Legend Partner?

Fill out and submit the form below and our National Sales Director will get in touch with you to discuss the program further.

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    Thank you for your application

    Our National Sales Director will be in touch with you to discuss the opportunity further. Until then, here is some additional information about the Legend Partner Advantage.

    Program Highlights

    • Program

      Quick Details


    • 2% Claim Free Co-op

      Automatic off-invoice discount.

      Easy and No hassle claiming.

    • 2% Kickstart Booking Order Discount

      Place a booking order for immediate shipment and get 2% off-invoice discount on this order.

      Get 2021 started with a Bang!

    • New Show More and Sell More Off-invoice Volume Discount

      Place a booking order for immediate shipment of v-hulls and get up to 8% off-invoice discount based on the value of your booking order.

      Better upfront pricing, no rebates to worry about and easier to calculate your cost.

    • New Pontoon Show and Sell Program

      Place a booking order for immediate shipment and get up to 8% off-invoice discount based on the number of pontoons ordered at booking.

      Better upfront pricing in this competitive market to help you to show and sell more!

    • WOW! New E-Series

      Ultra-competitive net pricing on the redesigned E-Series with 90 day Interest-Free Finance terms.

      Gives you incredibly-priced, ultra-competitive pontoons to go to market with.

    • We’ve Got You Covered Vibe Program

      Order 2 or more Vibe Deck Boats now and receive a Free PMC on all Vibe booking orders.

      It gives you a powerful promotion to sell more deck boats.

    • 7 for 7 Utility Program

      Order 7 Ultralite and WideBody models in 3 and 2 stacks and get a 7% off-invoice discount.

      Combined with our Package and Save program, you can’t lose!

    • 11% Package and Save Discount

      An additional 11% discount off all Mercury 2.5 to 60 HP tiller engines ordered.

      It makes you ultra-competitive and profitable regardless of size.

    • Demo Program

      5% Demo discount

      Save on a demonstrator to show the benefits of owning a Legend.

    • Camp Program

      2.5% Camp discount available to special markets

      Combine with 7 for 7 utility program, 11% Package and Save program and Mercury’s Camp program to expand sales.

    • Military Program

      Legend Boats and our Partners share in these special discounts for Military.

      Honour the many past and present military service members with an exclusive Military discount

    • Freight Program

      Flat rates by zone based on the product type.

      Easy to know your freight costs

    Amazing Tools At Your Fingertips

    Online Quoting Tool

    Check out our online quoting tool! Designed to help you sell more boats.

    Retail Sale Calculator

    Check out our live sample retail sale calculator tool! This tool allows you to easily calculate your profitability in each sale.