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F19 Pro Tiller

$74 Per Week $44,999* *Ontario and Quebec All-In Pricing. Click here for national pricing details. With Mercury 90 EXLPT 4-Stroke with Big Tiller Handle and Glide-on Trailer Plus+, get the Preferred Equipment Package: $2,852 value Free! (Scroll down for complete Preferred Package Details.)

The Pro Anglers’ Boat

The F19 Pro Tiller is a fisherman’s dream. Direct control of your motor, loads of fishing space.

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  • Beam 94”
  • Hull Depth 42”
  • Inside Depth 28”
  • Aluminum Thickness 0.100
  • Maximum Horsepower 90
  • Maximum Capacity 1744 lbs
  • Bottom Width 76”
  • Package Length 20’9”
  • Package Width 96”
  • Towing Weight 2937 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity 132 L (35 US gal)

Preferred Equipment Package

These features are typically optional on most comparable models, but come standard* on the F19 Pro Tiller.

Total value: $2,852

You Pay: $0

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    Humminbird Helix 7 GPS Fish/Depth Finder with Double Ball Mount

    Value: $1,089

    You Pay: $0

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    Space-Saving Trailer Swing Tongue

    Space -saving trailer swing tongue feature reduces storage length as much as 24” making it easier to fit in a garage and helps prevent shin smashing.

    Value: $499

    You Pay: $0

  • View Larger Image
    Swim Platform With Fold Down Step

    Rear swim platform allows you to access the water for a quick swim and makes climbing into a tube that much easier.

    Value: $399

    You Pay: $0

  • View Larger Image
    EZ-Load Trailer Guides

    Launching and loading are made effortless. The loading guides keep your boat centered during the loading process, even in windy situations.

    Value: $299

    You Pay: $0

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    Driver’s Seat Slider

    The driver’s seat slider allows you to slide the seat forward or backward while seated. This slider has a gear tooth lock mechanism, locks solidly, disengages easily and rides smoothly on acetal linear bearings.

    Value: $249

    You Pay: $0

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    Dual USB Power Outlet

    Keep your devices charged all day long.

    Value: $139

    You Pay: $0

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    Big Wheel Backsaver Jack And Dolly

    The big wheel backsaver jack and dolly raises and lowers the trailer in order for you to easily connect the coupler to and disconnect it from the ball on your hitch. It also keeps the trailer level when not attached to your tow vehicle.

    Value: $119

    You Pay: $0

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    Legend Quick Latch Tie Downs

    Our tie downs are quick, easy to use, super-strong and secure your boat safely to your trailer.

    Value: $59

    You Pay: $0

*No substitutions or exclusions.

Choose Your Power

Motor models may not be exactly as shown.

2021 F19 Pro Tiller

With Mercury

Per Week

Boat price with selected motor upgrade

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90 EXLPT 4-Stroke with Big Tiller Handle

+$0 Per Week +$0

90 EXLPT CT 4-Stroke with Big Tiller Handle

+$1 Per Week +$499

Motor Upgrades Speed Chart

25 MPH
30 MPH
35 MPH
40 MPH
45 MPH
50 MPH
55 MPH
60 MPH
Motor Upgrades Speed Chart - Legend
  • Zero to 26 miles per hour

    Fish or Cruise

  • 26 miles per hour and above


  • 31 miles per hour and above



We've equipped the F19 Pro Tiller with these amazing features.

  • Side cargo netting

    Side cargo netting for those little extras.

  • Gauges and switches

    Gauges and switches all illuminated and within reach.

  • Side storage

    Side lockable storage for all of your fishing gear.

  • Rear livewell

    Enjoy a tournament sized livewell with separate bait bucket.

  • Gallery

    see photos

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What Legends are made of

A look into the construction of our All-Welded Series.

All-Welded Series Construction

  • Intelliflex Hull Construction

    Flexes and adapts to the water by dissipating energy from waves evenly throughout the hull, eliminating any chance of problem areas developing over time.

  • Exclusive Comfort Ride Deep-V hull

    Provides a dry, smooth and comfortable ride each and every time in all conditions provided by our sharply angled bow, deep V and reverse chines.

  • Interlocking Bow Ribs

    Overlap the front torsion system, eliminating a common weak point on most other aluminum boats.

  • Solid Locking Extrusions

    Hold each thick hull piece into a solid center for unmatched durability. The center extrusion is over one inch thick providing an extremely solid 1,054 gauge impact zone. This means over 5 times the protection of double plated hulls.

  • Reverse Angled Chines

    Are bottom side edges that angle downward to create lift in the back for faster planing and increased stability.

  • Torsion Beam Energy Transfer System

    Provides your boat with necessary flexing, while remaining light and strong.

  • 2-Piece Hull with No Side Seams

    Eliminates a common weak area that causes side seam leaking on other welded boats.

  • Thick Lifetime Decking

    With a Lifetime Warranty against rotting or warping and delamination. A thicker floor with 7 individually treated layers means a stronger boat.

  • Injected Level Floatation

    Not only will every Legend float even when filled with water, the injected foam creates a solid sub-floor bond that strengthens the boat and provides a silky smooth and quiet ride. Foam is injected halfway up the side-wall for extreme strength. Knock on it and see!

Worry-free memories

A warranty that makes you say WOW!

All-Welded Models Warranty

  • All-Welded Series Leakproof For Life Warranty

    Every Legend All-Welded model carries our exciting and industry-leading Leakproof for Life Warranty. It is remarkably simple. It covers the entire structure of the hull against leaks through the hull for as long as you own the boat. In fact it’s the kind of warranty you won’t find on any other aluminum boat. Plus it is transferable, giving the second owner up to 10 years of protection.*

  • 3-Year Mercury Warranty

    Every Mercury 4-Stroke outboard is backed by a 3-year standard limited warranty to give you peace of mind. Ask us about Mercury Product Protection to extend your Mercury Factory Warranty for up to 8 years.*

  • Legend Glide-On 5+1 Year Trailer Warranty

    Every Legend Glide-On trailer by Shoreland’r is backed by a 5 year frame warranty and 1-year complete tongue to tail light warranty.*

  • Lifetime Floor Warranty

    A thicker floor means a stronger boat. With 7 layers, of marine grade plywood, each individually-treated, we can offer a lifetime warranty against rotting.*

  • Legend ProTech 5+1 Year Canvas Warranty

    Legend ProTech All-Synthetic Tear and Mildew- Resistant Material is backed by a 5 Year Warranty and guaranteed not to rot or fade for five years. Stitching, zippers, seams and other top components are covered for 1 year.*