Our Boats

Whether we are working on a cool new design, adding an innovative feature, or squeezing in that extra bit of value, all we’re thinking about is providing you with the ultimate boating experience and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

  • X-Series

    You love to fish almost as much as you love your family. So you need a real do-anything boat that lets you fish like a pro, but also gives you the flexibility to pull the kids around on the tube, teach them how to waterski, enjoy a relaxing sunset cruise or just lounge in the sun. Welcome to the X-Series.

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  • XTR-Series

    What type of boat excites a family and sparks envy in your fishing buddies? Legend’s XTR Series does exactly that. Designed to attack the water, the XTR Series features huge casting decks, massive live wells and Legend’s signature V-hull which creates a smoother ride at higher speeds. Are you ready for some action?

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  • F-Series

    The F-Series has amazing performance on the water, making for a smooth ride with friends and family. Call dibs on your favourite casting deck and everyone will have a great day on the water. It’s just part of the package.

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  • XTE-Series

    The all new XTE series offers a bold new look and all the features you need. Whether you want the protection of a full windshield or the room of a side console, the utility of a tiller or need the extra seating and family features of a sport model, we have the XTE for you!

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  • R-Series

    The Legend R-Series comes with a rugged no nonsense type of experience. Grab your gear, get out on the water and do your thing. No fuss no muss. Just you, your people, your boat and the great outdoors.

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