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Boat Buying 101: The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Boat

Buying a boat can be a little overwhelming for first-time and experienced boaters alike. There are so many things to consider:

  • What type of boat you want
  • How you plan on using your boat
  • How many people you want to take out on the water
  • How fast you want your boat to go
  • How much weight your vehicle can tow
  • Etc.

Which is why we offer such a wide variety of fishing boats, deck boats, and pontoon boats: there’s no one right boat that works for everyone.

1. How to Buy a Boat

“Knowing how to choose a boat is a bit of a chicken-and-egg thing. Once you own a boat, you’ll quickly discover all the things you wish you’d known before buying it.

“The most important thing to know is that there’s no such thing as a bad lake, bad weather, or a bad time of year. Any open body of water is an opportunity for the right boat.

“That’s why we make so many boats. Each has its purpose. We design every one of our boats with a particular boater or situation in mind.”

Continue reading for the 7 things you need to consider when picking a boat.

2. How to Buy a Boat Motor

“Picking the right outboard motor for your boat can be tricky. If you pick something under powered, you might not be able to reach a plane, much less hit top speeds. Counter-intuitively, using an under powered motor can also make your boat less fuel efficient. Why? Because if you don’t reach a plane, you’ll be fighting against the water the whole time.

“By the same token, picking something over powered is even more problematic. Every boat has a designated maximum for horsepower. Go over that limit, and your boat will be legally considered ‘unseaworthy’ in Canada. According to the Criminal Code of Canada and the Canada Shipping Act, it’s illegal to knowingly operate an unseaworthy vessel. Fines start at $500, and can even lead to up to 6 months of prison time. Ouch.

“That’s why we make it easy. On our website, in our catalogues, and when you visit our showrooms in person, we show you exactly which outboard motors are fit for your boat. No fuss, no muss.”

Continue reading: How to select the right motor.

3. How to Buy a Boat Trailer

“When buying a new boat or pontoon the trailer you’ll be towing it with often takes a back seat. You get caught up in the size, power, and features that you need to make your summertime dreams come true. The boat’s trailer falls to the side as an afterthought.

“But, not all trailers are created equal. Choose the wrong one and you’ll have a tougher time on the road and at the launch than you need to.

“When choosing a trailer, a few key factors have to be considered.”

Continue reading: How to Choose the Right Boat Trailer.

4. Can Your Vehicle Tow Your Boat?

“For the most part, it can be summed up like this:

  • “A sedan or compact vehicle can probably tow a utility boat.
  • “A van or compact SUV can probably tow a full-size fishing boat or smaller pontoon boat.
  • “A truck or full-size SUV can probably pull all of the above, plus full-size pontoon boats as well.

“Of course, note that the keyword in all of those is ‘probably’. This is not enough to make a major purchase decision.”

Continue reading: Boat Towing Requirements.

5. How to Name Your Boat

“Naming your new boat is great fun and a rite of passage, but you do have to put some consideration into it to do it properly. As you know, it’s extremely bad luck to change a boat’s name without an elaborate ceremony to keep you safe. So, it’s best to choose a name that you know you’ll be happy with for the life of the boat.

“The best boat names provide some insight into who you are as a person. To help with your selection process, here’s a few Dos and Don’ts to follow.”

Continue reading: How to Properly Name a Boat.

6. How to Insure Your Boat

Insuring your boat is now easier than ever, with Legend Insurance.

We all know that stuff happens, but when that stuff messes with our weekend plans, we take it seriously. At Legend Insurance, we love being out on the water, just like you! That’s why we offer insurance coverage that, if an accident occurs, makes sure you can still enjoy the maximum amount of time on the water.

To learn more about Legend Insurance, click here.

There we have it! You now know how to pick the right boat for you and yours, what to look for in a motor (pro tip: stick with a Mercury), what you need in a trailer, and whether your vehicle is big enough to pull it all. You’re even on your way to picking a great name for it.

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