XTR Series

Huge casting decks, massive livewells, all vinyl floors and enough room for your friends, family and all their gear! If you routinely hit the water for some fish, but you’ve got a whole family to keep comfortable too, this is the boat for you! The only tough decision you’ll have to make is which lake to hit first.


Sleek Design

With a sleek and modern exterior, the splash of red really pops from the side of the boat, especially when paired with one of Mercury’s Pro XS motors.

Fisherman Deck

Dura-Deck vinyl for easy cleaning, plus a tournament size 30-gallon livewell for healthy fish and your bait.

18 XTR shown

Store More

Open the compartments and you will find an incredible amount of storage for all your gear.

16 XTR shown

Welcome Captain!

Although it’s hard to describe, something just feels right about a Legend console. It’s as if they adjust automatically when you sit down. The gauges are all easy to read even at night with their bright backlighting. Each switch is within reach and also backlit for clear night viewing. EZ-reset circuit breakers replace outdated glass fuses, just press to reset. The sleek custom-molded designs are mounted on strong aluminum sub-frames providing a solid foundation for excellent boat control...

18 XTR shown

Passenger console.

This Deluxe passenger console includes an extra-large glove box for all of your personal belongings.

18 XTR shown

rod storage

Simply open the in-floor rod locker and find 6 available slots to keep your rods locked, safe and out of the way.

18 XTR shown

Side Lockable Storage

Keep your rods and valuables safe in the lockable side rod storage compartment.

18 XTR shown

Family to fishing
in 5.4 seconds

The EZ-flip 50/50 extendadeck converta bench is a fisherman’s dream. Remove the seat and flip up the Extenda-Deck Converta-Bench to provide ample seating. Available on the 16 XTR and 18 XTR only.

Let’s go for a swim

Access to the water for a quick swim or the ability to climb back on board is made easy with this fixed-handle platform and fold-down step. (16 XTR, 18 XTR and 20 XTR Troller only.)

18 XTR shown

What if one amazing boat could do everything you wanted it to?

The days of owning one boat for water sports and another for fishing can be a thing of the past. In just a few seconds, a Legend XTR converts from a fishing monster to a family runabout with comfy 50/50 extendadeck converta bench rear bench seat to a serious fishing machine with deluxe removable fishing seats, an aerated livewell, lockable rod storage, and an extended rear casting deck. So whether you want to cruise, fish, tube, ski, or entertain, one Legend is all you need. It’s kind of like getting two boats in one! The EZ-flip 50/50 extendadeck converta bench provides ample seating and converts in 5.4 seconds to a huge rear casting deck.

18 XTR shown
Cruise Storage

Everyone should have protection,
especially if it extends your season.

Being Canadian, we understand the harsh reality of the Canadian climate. That's why every full windshield Legend model comes with the industry's toughest, most practical stand-up top, constructed with Legend's ProTech material.  All Legend tops come with a complete curtain set, custom fit and fastened down tightly with special Pull-A-Dot snaps, and include our thicker three bar support system with all-metal fittings. You’ll be more comfortable, warmer, and dryer regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you. Available on the 16 XTR, 18 XTR and 20 XTR Troller only.

16 XTR shown

High quality boats deserve high quality trailers

Quality is the reason we choose Shoreland’r as the exclusive supplier for our Legend custom-matched Glide-On trailers.  A high quality trailer means a high quality boating experience from loading and unloading to highway driving. Here are some of the features that make Legend Glide-On trailers the best boat trailer available.

Thicker is

A Legend .100 Gauge Hull is thicker, stronger, and better. While most aluminum boat companies use .058 to .090 gauge thickness on comparable models, our .100 gauge hulls are up to 73% thicker! What this means to you is that your Legend Boat will last longer. While our .100 gauge hulls provide unmatched thickness, our use of 5052 H34 cold-rolled aluminum provides the best combination of flexibility and strength.

H34 PerfectFlex

Legend’s H34 PerfectFlex aluminum has the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.  Although H36 is harder, it is also more brittle. Its strength is reduced by over 80% when stressed during manufacturing or use by things like bending, drilling, riveting or flex caused while on the water. In fact, when stressed, H34 aluminum is tested to be more than 2.5 times stronger than H36, making it the ultimate hardness for aluminum boat manufacturing.