Q-Series Cruiser WS Sport PRO

Front angle image of the Q-Series Cruiser WS Sport PRO
$109 Per Week $65,999* *Ontario and Quebec All-In Pricing. Click here for national pricing details.
With Mercury 90 ELPT 4-Stroke Plus+, get the Preferred Equipment Package: $16,175 value Free! (Scroll down for complete Preferred Package Details.)

Leave ’em all behind in your wake.

With a full windshield, you can hit the Cruiser’s top speed without budging a single hair on your head. Cruise in comfort.

Available in these great colours

Image of colour options


  • Overall Length 24’6”
  • Beam 102”
  • Maximum Horsepower 200
  • Fuel Capacity 143 L (38 US GAL)
  • Deck Length 23’3”
  • Pontoon Length 23’0”
  • Pontoon Diameter 25”
  • Maximum Persons 12
  • Maximum Capacity 2580 lbs
  • Weight 2800 lbs

Preferred Equipment Package

These features are typically optional on most comparable models, but come standard* on the Q-Series Cruiser WS Sport PRO.

Total value: $16,175

You Pay: $0

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    Upgrade To Plush Soft-Step TeakWeave Flooring with Black Accents

    The flooring on your pontoon’s deck has been upgraded to plush, soft-step TeakWeave with black accents. It’s stunning and feels great under your bare feet.

    Value: $2,999

    You Pay: $0

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    Upgrade To Hydraulic Assist Steering

    Make those sharp turns with confidence, thanks to the included power steering.

    Value: $2,899

    You Pay: $0

  • Performance Enhancing Lifting Strakes

    As you cruise along, the lifting strakes give your boat added lift, making it easier to get on a plane and enjoy optimum performance.

    Value: $1,499

    You Pay: $0

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    Stainless Steel Ski Tow Bar

    Attach a ski rope and enjoy a day of water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing. (Shown with optional dog house.)

    Value: $1,399

    You Pay: $0

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    Oversized Stainless Steel Boarding Ladder

    Large stainless-steel boarding ladder makes it easy to climb aboard from a dip in the lake

    Value: $1,399

    You Pay: $0

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    Custom Docking Light Module with Integrated Navigation Lights

    Light up the night. You’ll always be able to see where you’re going with these powerful navigational lights.

    Value: $1,399

    You Pay: $0

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    Upgrade To Captain's Sport High Back Recliner

    These high-backed and adjustable seats swivel 360° for maximum comfort and mobility.

    Value: $1,399

    You Pay: $0

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    Garmin Echomap UHD 75CV 7” Touchscreen GPS with Canada LakeVü G3 Mapping

    Garmin Echomap UHD 75CV 7” Touchscreen GPS with Canada LakeVü G3 Mapping

    Value: $1,299

    You Pay: $0

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    Fusion RA-210 LCD Bluetooth AM/FM/SiriusXM Stereo With USB/AUX And 4 Speakers

    Fusion RA-210 LCD Bluetooth AM/FM/SiriusXM Stereo with USB/AUX and 4 Speakers

    Value: $1,099

    You Pay: $0

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    Upgrade To Luxurious Three-Tone Upholstery with Suspension Seating

    Luxurious Three-Tone Upholstery with Suspension Seating

    Value: $899

    You Pay: $0

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    Blue Under-Deck Perimeter LED Lighting

    You’ll find blue LED lighting installed all along the underside of your deck. This helps other boaters see you at night, and is great for late night swims.

    Value: $799

    You Pay: $0

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    Integrated Flip-Up Changing Room

    Hidden pop-up change room provides privacy to get changed for a dip in the lake

    Value: $599

    You Pay: $0

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    Interior LED Ambient Lighting and Interior Courtesy Light(s)

    Flip on your boat’s ambient lights to help you and your guests see better in the dark.

    Value: $599

    You Pay: $0

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    Upgrade To Tilt Steering

    Adjust the height of your steering wheel for maximum comfort.

    Value: $499

    You Pay: $0

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    Driver’s Seat Slider

    Adjust your captain’s seat forward and backwards.

    Value: $249

    You Pay: $0

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    12 Volt Power Outlet

    Bring along your favourite plug-in power converter and keep your devices charged all day long.

    Value: $139

    You Pay: $0

*No substitutions or exclusions.

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Motor models may not be exactly as shown.

2021 Q-Series Cruiser WS Sport PRO

With Mercury

Per Week

Boat price with selected motor upgrade

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Image of 90 ELPT SSHS

90 ELPT 4-Stroke

+$0 Per Week +$0
Image of 90 ELPT CT 4S

90 ELPT CT 4-Stroke

+$1 Per Week +$499
Image of 115 ELPT 4S

115 ELPT 4-Stroke

+$4 Per Week +$2,499
Image of 115 ELPT Pro XS CT

115 ELPT Pro XS CT

+$6 Per Week +$3,499
Image of 150L 4S

150L 4-Stroke

+$12 Per Week +$7,499
Image of 200L FourStroke 4.8

200L 4-Stroke 4.8" 1.85

+$25 Per Week +$14,999

Motor Upgrades Speed Chart

25 MPH
30 MPH
35 MPH
40 MPH
45 MPH
50 MPH
55 MPH
60 MPH
Motor Upgrades Speed Chart - Legend
  • Zero to 26 miles per hour

    Fish or Cruise

  • 26 miles per hour and above


  • 31 miles per hour and above



We've equipped the Q-Series Cruiser WS Sport PRO with these amazing features.

  • Full windshield

    When you’re cruising along the water at top speed, you’ll develop an appreciation for the “shield” part of “windshield”. A full windshield is a rare feature on a pontoon, but it’s an absolute must on the Cruiser.

  • Captain’s console

    High-backed. Swivel 360°. Adjustable forwards, backwards, up and down. Ergonomically designed for your comfort.

  • Dashboard

    The 7” Garmin Echomap GPS is sure to keep you out of shallow waters. Gauges instantly tell you your motor’s RPMs, trim level, fuel level, and voltage. Switches control all of your lights: Mood lights. Exterior lights. Docking lights. Navigational and anchor lights.

  • Twin lounging couches

    Matching couches at the front of your pontoon are great for soaking in the sun. With built-in headrests and a cavernous amount of storage underneath.

  • Co-captains lounge

    A truly unique feature on the Cruise model is the co-captain’s lounging couch. Lay back and chat up the captain while they do all the hard work.

  • Bar

    Bring all your non-alcoholic beverages aboard with this built-in bar. The bar includes a sink with drinking water. Space to keep paper towels. A spot for your drink cooler. And two recessed cup holders.

  • Inlaid mood lighting

    When the sun goes down and you want to set the mood, flip on the bar’s inlaid LED mood lighting.

  • Sink

    We told our team that we wanted to have everything but the kitchen sink. They took that as a personal challenge. The bar’s hidden sink taps into a portable water jug. Now you can have drinking water on tap anywhere you go.

  • L-Shaped Sofa

    At the back of this pontoon boat is a luxurious L-shaped sofa capable of seating 4-5 people. Conveniently placed next to the bar. This is the perfect spot to listen to some good music and catch up with your favourite people. You can even put in a table in the middle.

Similar Models

What Legends are made of

A look into the construction of our Q-Series | Q-Series LE | V-Series.

Q-Series | Q-Series LE | V-Series Construction

  • Robust Construction

    This solid frame construction includes a double bolted transom, double solid full risers that are all connected together with double bolted .190 U-bar crossbeams on 2 tube pontoon models or .125 Hat channel crossbeams on 3 Tube pontoon models. We use .250 gauge U-bars at the bow and stern for unbeatable strength.

  • Suspension Seating

    This unique suspension seating is made up of a multi-directional stretch substructure backing, an added adhesive layer, followed by a heavy marine grade vinyl making up for a 50-ounce total vinyl covering, giving your passengers a smoother ride every time.

  • EZ-Flow Ventilation

    The aluminum seat frames have external and internal air flow that dries out the seat compartments while underway or at the dock.

  • Thick Side Protector Keel (3-Tube Models Only)

    Our thick side protector keels on the nose cones provide great protection against accidental side impacts at the dock.

  • Thick 40 Gauge Quiet and Raised Fences

    All thick .40 gauge fence panels are installed with anti-vibration foam to keep them quiet. They are installed with 3/8” risers to provide water runoff and exceptional ventilation.

  • EZ-Drain Tubes

    Each section of the tubes are connected to one another by a small channel that allows any condensation to drain completely to the back of the tube and out of our Sure-Lock threaded drain plug.

  • Triple-Protected Tube Design

    Our pontoons are divided into three separate compartments and sealed, making them air tight even in the event of a puncture. If the air can’t get out, water can’t get in.

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners

    Stainless steel fasteners are used to attach the decking to the substructure. These provide a far stronger hold than pop rivets for years of problem free boating.

  • Wave-Slicing Wide Nose Cones

    The wide nose cones deflect spray keeping you dry on the water, while the lifting fins provide the ultimate performance for a smooth ride every time.

  • Thick Lifetime Decking

    A thicker floor means a stronger pontoon. With 7 layers, each individually treated, we can offer a Lifetime Warranty against rotting. Each seam is sealed with LockOut sealing adhesive and is lined up over a cross member for exceptional dryness.

Pontoon Warranty

  • Lifetime Tube, Deck, and Transom Warranty

    Legend pontoon boats are backed by a lifetime warranty on the pontoon tubes, deck, and transom so you will be assured of hassle-free boating for years to come. Plus our exciting 6 Year WOWranty now extends coverage on all your key components.*

  • Mercury Warranty

    Every Mercury 4-Stroke outboard is backed by a 3-year standard limited warranty to give you peace of mind. Ask us about Mercury Product Protection to extend your Mercury Factory Warranty for up to 8 years.*

  • Legend Glide-On Trailer Warranty 5+1 Year

    Every Legend Glide-On trailer by Shoreland’r is backed by a 5 year frame warranty and 1-year complete tongue to tail light warranty.*

  • Legend ProTech 5+1 Year Canvas Warranty

    Legend ProTech All-Synthetic Tear and Mildew- Resistant Material is backed by a 5 Year Warranty and guaranteed not to rot or fade for five years. Stiching, zippers, seams and other top components are covered for 1 year.

  • Lifetime Floor and Deck Warranty

    A thicker floor means a stronger boat. With 7 layers, of marine-grade plywood, each individuallytreated, we can offer a lifetime warranty against rotting.