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Is it a pontoon? Is it a fishing boat? No, it’s the Vibe. This deck boat offers the best of both worlds: the speed and maneuverability of a v-hull, and the creature comforts of a pontoon to lounge and hang out on the water. It’s the perfect no-compromise boat for every occasion.

  • D19 | D20

    The 19’ and 20’ Vibes are the ultimate go-anywhere-and-do-anything boats. Easy to tow, easy to launch, easy to ride. Great in virtually any body of water. Perfect for fishing, skiing, tubing, or just hanging out.

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  • D21 | D23

    Digging the Vibe, but looking to take the very concept of comfort even further? The 21’ and 23’ Vibes are made just for you. Every feature has been upscaled, updated, and upgraded for the peak in luxury.

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