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Ontario is nothing less than a smorgasbord for fishermen. With nearly half a million lakes, rivers and streams in which to fish, it is home to about one-seventh of the entire world’s freshwater. Fishing in Ontario provides visitors and residents with some of the best freshwater fishing anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for some of the best places to fish in Ontario, Canada, pay attention.

Lake Ontario

Although Lake Ontario is the smallest of the Great Lakes, it offers a big opportunity for incredible fishing. Trophy fish abound in Lake Ontario, which is one of the reasons it’s one of the best places to go fishing in Ontario. Records have been set that are quite impressive by fishermen fishing these waters. Salmon fishing in Lake Ontario is incredible by boat.


Lake of the Woods

Fishermen who want to target walleye should consider fishing Lake of the Woods. Walleye is one of the most widely sought after game fish. There are loads of other great game fish in Lake of the Woods, including perch, crappie, pike, muskie, sturgeon, trout and bass. Those looking for a great place to take their families fishing should seriously consider Lake of the Woods.


Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Clair is an incredible place for fishing. This is like the Muskie reunion site of North America! Muskies range from 12-30+ pounds but let’s face it; even the smaller of that range would be a nice catch. Lake St. Clair is a place to catch your personal best if your in the hunt for a catch of a lifetime!


Lake Simcoe

Lake Simcoe is one of the best places in Ontario for ice fishing. The huge population of smallmouth bass, perch, whitefish and trout are enough to make the avid fisherman drool. Many bass tournaments are held on Lake Simcoe.


Lake Nipigon

Lake Nipigon offers anglers nearly 1900 square miles of incredible fishing. In fact, a 14.5 lb. brook trout, which is the World Record, was caught on this lake. Pike, lake trout, walleye and whitefish are also plentiful in Lake Nipigon.


Bay of Quinte

The Bay of Quinte Region provides both novice and professional anglers with some of the best fishing in Ontario. The autumn and winter migration of walleye to the Bay of Quinte has caused the area to be nicknamed the walleye capital of the world. The bay is also well-known for its great pickerel, salmon, pike, trout, perch and bass.


Kesagami Lake

Although Kesagami Lake is quite large, it’s only 7 ft. deep on average. This makes it one of the best fly-fishing spots in Ontario. The largest pike are generally found in the mixed weed beds and less than 5 ft. of water. Some are as large as 5 ft. in length. Of course, walleye and perch are also found in Kesagami Lake.


Lake Erie

Lake Erie offers a veritable smorgasbord for both recreational and commercial fishermen. The yellow perch are abundant. Bass, trout, salmon, carp and walleye are also plentiful in Lake Erie.


Niagara River

At 35 miles long, the Niagara River provides anglers with loads of great fishing spots. The area between the Devil’s Hole and the Niagara Bar offers great fishing for steelhead, salmon and sturgeon. In the lower area of the river, trout, walleye, bass and muskellunge can be readily caught.


St. Lawrence River

With beautiful scenery and an abundance of fish, the St. Lawrence River is a perfect place for anglers. It’s not uncommon to reel in Muskies weighing in around 40 lbs. Pike over 10 lbs. aren’t rarities either. Bass, perch, bluegill, crappies and bullhead can also be found in the St. Lawrence River.