If you are wondering about the right time for your child to learn wakeboarding, we recommend starting early. However, you will have to be extra careful, vigilant, and involved throughout.

It is your responsibility to make the training as easy and enjoyable as possible.

We have selected some of the best tips to help you help your child find the confidence to stand on the wakeboard and actually enjoy the activity as much as you want them to. So, let’s get started.

Starter Tip - Water can Wait

The very first tip is avoiding water until they are well aware of the right position and techniques. Therefore, the training must start from land. Simulate the way they will be pulled by the boat by making the child sit on a flat surface in the right wakeboarding posture. Make them hold a rope or a handle guiding them to position their knees, toes, and hands properly i.e. knees bent, feet shoulder-width apart, and toes pointed upwards. Pull the handle or rope so that the child stands up. Continue the training until the child attains the right posture and position to balance easily on the water.

Preparation Tip – Find the Right Equipment

The worst thing you can do is to hand your child the equipment you used when you started. Find one that is the most suitable for their age. These can be found online or at your local sporting/outdoor goods store. Your child’s foot size and weight are some of the factors that must be considered when buying a board for them. The rope size also differs for beginners. It is best to use a 65 feet or shorter rope instead of the regular 50 – 70 feet rope. Now most importantly, don’t forget the life jackets .

Training Tip – Choose the Spot

It is best to start at a spot where water is relatively smoother and flat. Also, make sure it is not a prominent wakeboarding or boating spot just to minimize the risk of accidents. Having your kids start at an easier spot will help them enjoy the activity without getting frustrated or exhausted.

Action Tip - Watch your Speed

Finally, it goes without saying that you should keep an eye on the speed. The ideal speed also depends on the weight and size of the rider. However, keeping it steady at 14 mph is ideal in most situations. Keep these tips in mind and you will help your child learn the basics tricks of the trades more safely, easily, and quickly.

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