High quality boats deserve high quality trailers

Quality is the reason we choose Shoreland’r as the exclusive supplier for our Legend custom-matched Glide-On trailers. A high quality trailer means a high quality boating experience from loading and unloading to highway driving. Here are some of the features that make Legend Glide-On trailers the best boat trailer available.

Custom-Matched Trailer with Powder Coated Paint

Each package has a custom matched trailer fit perfectly with the colour, size and shape of the hull.

Adjustable 2” Ball Safety Coupler with Locking Pin

The coupler easily adjusts for greater hold and the pin prevents release while travelling.

Extra-Long Safety Chains with Locking Clips

Strong and secure safety chains will not tangle, fray or kink like cables. Easily reaches most vehicles and the safety clips prevent unlatching during travel.

Space-Saving Swing Tongue

This optional feature reduces storage length as much as 24”, making it easier to fit in a garage and helps prevent shin smashing.

Heavy-Duty Nylon Winch Strap

The threaded seam is protected from the elements with a 3’ loop that eliminates stress on stitching.

Reverse-Angled Winch Stand with Oversized Rubber Roller

Prevents unwanted forward movement of the boat during sudden stopping. The roller safely stops the boat during loading and holds the bow in place during transport.

Welded Tubular Steel Frame with a 5 Year Warranty

Strong, clean construction with less bolts to worry about, plus the tubular design provides a protective housing for wiring. This is by far the best frame in the industry, covered by the best warranty.

Self Lubricating Bearing Buddies

Automatically injects grease to the bearing, which results in less bearing wear.

Contoured Padded Cross Members and Lower Axle

The boat sits lower, providing a more stable center of gravity which allows for launching and loading in shallower water.

Enclosed Custom-Moulded Dent-Resistant Fenders

Non-corroding and dent-resistant, they will protect your boat from road debris and provide a safe, solid step.

Self-Centering Carpeted Bunk Design

Launching and loading are made effortless. The boat loads straight, stops easily, and is supported over its full length for even weight distribution.

Submersible Lights with Rear Built-In Step

Reliable lamp service while the step protects the tail lights and allows access to the boat.

Each Light Has It’s Own Power Source and Ground Wire

Keeps your lights bright and working at night, even if one goes out.