Everyone should have protection, especially if it extends your season.

Being Canadian, we understand the harsh reality of the Canadian climate. That's why every full windshield Legend model comes with the industry's toughest, most practical stand-up top, constructed with Legend's ProTech material. All Legend tops come with a complete curtain set, custom fit and fastened down tightly with special Pull-A-Dot snaps, and include our thicker three bar support system with all-metal fittings. You’ll be more comfortable, warmer, and dryer regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you.

Front Aerodynamically Matched to the Windshield

Reduces wind resistance at high speeds on the water, which increases fuel efficiency and allows for full throttle performance with the top up.

Extra-Wide Double-Zippered Walk-Through with Window

The walk-through window opens fully to allow for easy passage and allows visibility even when closed.

Three Bar 7/8” Tubular Frame

Our tubing is thicker and therefore stronger than industry standards. A third center bar keeps the top in an arched formation preventing sag at any speed on the water.

Legend ProTech All-Synthetic Tear and Mildew-Resistant Material Backed by a 5 Year Warranty

Guaranteed not to rot, shrink or fade for five years and will resist tearing, even if punctured.

Full Stand-Up High Design That Works at Full Speed On the Water

Allows for comfortable upright maneuvering in the boat with no need to take it down at high speeds on the water. Full tops are not for winter storage or highway travel.

Pull-A-Dot Snaps Used in Strategic Areas

A specially designed locking snap that keeps your top securely fastened.

Double Stitching

All main zippers are double-stitched to provide lasting quality in the areas that receive the most stress.

Rear Angled Support Bar

Much stronger than a strap, it adds greatly to the overall strength of the top and allows for the top to be stored in an arch out of the way.

All-Metal Fittings

Unlike plastic fittings, metal ones won’t crack, break, or wear out.

All Snaps Are Installed Through Thick Legend ProTech Material

Our strong material provides a solid fastening point as opposed to plastic, which snaps could tear through easily