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Spring 2023: 8 Tips for a Great Boating Season

Spring is here, and the 2023 boating season is quickly approaching! Here are 8 Spring preparation tips for a great 2023 boating and fishing experience.

Legend Boats 18 XTE Sport - Spring Preparation for 2023

Spring Preparation

Spring is here, and the 2023 boating season is quickly approaching; for some lucky Canadians, it has already arrived! We curated 8 spring preparation tips for a great 2023 boating and fishing experience.

Transporting Watercraft and Equipment 

As a boater, visiting new waters around the country is always exciting; but there are things you should know about transporting your boat from lake to lake. Did you know that in Ontario, transporting your boat overland can be illegal if you do not take certain measures? According to the Invasive Species Action Plan, these are the steps you should take to protect yourself, and our environment:

  • Removing drain plugs or other devices that are being used to control drainage to allow water to drain out; and
  • Taking reasonable measures to remove aquatic plants, animals, or algae from the watercraft equipment, vehicle, and trailer

You can learn more by visiting your provincial Invasive Species Action Plan. 


Spring Cleaning for Your Boat

While Spring cleaning is always exciting, you should be cleaning your boat regularly throughout the season. Regular boat maintenance is key to keeping your boat looking good as new, but it is also important in preventing the transportation of invasive species. Boat cleaning best practices include:

  • Rinsing your boat to remove all of the loose dirt and surface scum; 
  • Using a cleaner that is intended for marine use, like Babe’s Boat Care; and
  • Ensuring you are cleaning your boat after every trip to the water

For more tips on cleaning your boat, you can visit our article How to Clean Your Boat


Know your Zone

For example, Ontario is divided into 20 fisheries management zones. Certain items, including fishing regulations, are determined by the zone you are in. Abiding by zone regulations includes:

  • Using bait that is permitted in the zone you are fishing;
  • Being aware and staying within your zone’s catch limit; and
  • Ensuring you are not fishing in a fish sanctuary 

Spring is the perfect time of year to refresh your memory, and start creating healthy boating habits for the season ahead. Creating these habits will keep your boat running for years to come, and will also aid in your contribution to healthier aquatic ecosystems. Remember: ensuring future generations can enjoy the water is just as important as enjoying it yourself. 


Tight lines & happy boating! 

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