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In the wallEYE of the beholder

Walleye is one of – if not THE most – sought after fish species in Canada. They’re active, they’re delicious, they grow fast, and even if you don’t break records you’re going to feel like you’ve reeled in a trophy every single time.

How To Avoid Hull Damage

It only takes one good hit to damage your outboard motor or, even worse, the hull of your boat. Hitting bottom with your boat is an issue that many boaters deal with but with a little precaution and common sense, you can avoid it.

Big Building, Big Family

Although Legend Boats has invested heavily into a large, state of the art facility and continues to grow year over year, we’ve managed to stay true to our roots: Family

Treat Your Kids To Positive Mental Health

Mental health is front and centre these days, and for good reason. Kids have it a lot tougher than when we were growing up, and an exceeding amount of children are not handling it well. Boating and Fishing can help. But before we get into that let’s take a look at what the next generation

How To Choose The Right Boat Trailer

When buying a new boat or pontoon the trailer you’ll be towing it with often takes a back seat. You get caught up in the size, power, and features that you need to make your summertime dreams come true. The boat’s trailer falls to the side as an afterthought. But, not all trailers are created