Last year we celebrated Halloween by bringing you the best fishing and boating costumes that the web has to offer.

This year, rather than giving you more of the same, we're shifting gears and focusing on the fine art of pumpkin carving.

Snow is just around the corner (or already here for too many of us) but it's plain to see that the passion for angling and boating is alive and well no matter what the holiday or time of year.


We thought this was Photoshoped at first, but then we noticed that the pumpkins and fish are all different sizes and the lights are all shining differently. Someone actually went to the trouble of carving out dozens of fish into dozens of pumpkins and placing them all in an original school of fish wave. This is exactly the type of


Sea Creatures

We can't find the creatures in this categories in Canadian lakes and rivers, but they sure are cool to look at. These were all chosen because their attention to detail and overall creativity.





First place goes to the sea tortoise because of all of the attention to intricate detail. But, major bonus points to the blowfish for the imaginative use of dozens of candy corns.



With the popularity of that Baby Shark song, we couldn't resist including a category dedicated to the apex predator.




The second submission clearly shows more skill, but this IS a popularity contest so the poorly crafted representation of the ear worm we've come to love is still our winner.



Obviously Legend Boats is going to include a few carvings of boats on our pumpkins list. We've only included three - each special in their own way - in this category. It's pretty interesting how we normally associate boats with water, but there's a whole new level of intrigue introduced with these boats set agains a pumpkin candle.




Our winner isn't the prettiest thing we've ever seen but we do have to appreciate the "thinking outside the box" mentality. The use figurines, string, mesh, and dowels makes this carving multi dimensional in an awesome way. And you gotta love the use of pumpkin skin as sails.



There are just too many amazing fish pumpkins out there to create a short list. We have a few Disney characters, a cute and creative fish pumpkin, and a whole lot of astounding works of detail, design, texture and use of layered light. They're all winners in our books.










Although they're all amazing, their has to be a winner. The angler fish is one of the most impressive hunters in the waters, and this pumpkin carving nailed it! The teeth are impressive, the eyes are accurate, and we're willing to wager that you'd be pretty near hypnotized once that lure is lit. A clear winner.

Honourable Mention

Anyone who's flipped through an art history book will instantly recognize this iconic 20th Century Japanese woodblock painting. If you're not familiar Google "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" and you'll see that this is almost an exact replica. Painting it would be hard enough. Carving it into the flesh of a pumpkin is an amazing feat.


Gold Medal

Our fishing and boating pumpkin carving gold medal has to go to this sea serpent/dragon. It's a home run in every single aspect of a good pumpkin carving.

  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity & Originality
  • Thinking "beyond the pumpkin"


Hopefully this list has inspired you to give it your all next Halloween. In the meantime you can spend your days planning for the first ice fishing adventure of the season and dreaming of a new Legend Boat in the spring.


Yours In Boating,