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Henry Nguyen the Legend

Hello everyone my name is Henry Nguyen. I’ve been working for Legend Boats for about 4 years now. I’m an avid fisherman and love boating. I started fishing at a very young age and actually learned a lot from my mom. She has always spent time to show me the in’s and outs of tying knots, casting and the importance of catch and release.

Growing up in my teens, I started to work for a local tackle shop. I would open up the bait shop every weekend at 6 a.m and spent the majority of my money on tackle. I’ve always loved the competition that fishing has brought, bragging to friends and catching the biggest and most fish has always made them jealous.

I got introduced to tournament fishing in my early 20’s and was instantly hooked! I began my journey as a non-boater paired with a boater and we fish as a team. In my rookie year I thought I learned all the tricks to catching fish but I was absolutely wrong. I could not believe how much I have learned from my co-anglers.

I’ve had many jobs in my time but was never able to say “I love what I do” till now. Working for Legend Boats, a Family owned and operated company has really allowed me to express my ideas and ways to improve our customers experience when they are in the market for a new boat. My passion for fishing and boating has landed me a job that I’ve turned into my hobby. In the following blogs I would like to pass on what I have learned and share with all of you the tips and tricks that work on and off the water.

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