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Ice Fishing Jokes – 9 Hilarious Videos (And Some Safety Tips, Too)

Ice fishing: It’s serious business, but it’s also hilarious.

We have a few posts from last year that you may want to brush up. You can learn about:

This year we’re going to be focusing on safety, but in a fun way. Instead of giving you advice on what you should be doing and how to do it, we’re going to show you what not to do while ice fishing.

Be careful what you fish for

Up first; make sure that you’re fully aware of the species you’re fishing for and research the appropriate bait. Don’t be this guy.


This is not a clothing-optional season

Our next tip is to dress appropriately. Hypothermia is a real threat to your health and can sneak up on you very quickly. Without the proper combination of layered clothing you risk tissue death (frost bite) and nerve or blood vessel damage. To stay safe, don’t copy these guys’ outfits.

Know your gear

You also have to take care of your gear. Playing it fast and loose with your fishing tools can not only be expensive, it can be physically harmful. Not sure what we mean? Check out these videos of people who found out the hard way.

It’s pretty easy to imagine the damage that auger’s pull cord handle could do to someone’s face if it came into contact while spinning around like that. The second video wouldn’t hurt your bones too much, but with augers reaching (and surpassing) up to $1000 it sure does hurt the wallet.

This just in: Ice is slippery

Speaking of gear, it’s not a good idea to let it get the better of you. An ice fishing jig is a handy device when it comes to keeping your hands warm and attending to multiple holes. But, when you finally get a bite it’s important to keep in mind that you’re standing on ice.

Check out this guy who didn’t get the memo.

When you come at the king-fish, you better not miss

Keeping with the theme of being aware of your surrounding, this next video doesn’t demonstrate any physical harm, but does a good job at showing how your ego can be bruised.

Sometimes, the biggest ice dangers are… your friends?

Another factor that’s hard to plan for is keeping a good sense of humour. When the wind and weather are cold it’s much easier to lose your temper, and we all have that one friend who finds it hilarious to tap on our last nerve.

That’s the whole point of fishing and boating, to make memories. We’re encouraging you to have as much fun as you can cram into a day.

Scientists tell us most automobiles make terrible boats.

Last but not least, is driving you car on the ice. We see it every year. Ice anglers want to get out as early as possible or stay out until the very last minutes of the season and wind up with a carwash that no one wants.

Sure it’s fun to watch since nobody gets hurt, but while you’re watching this compilation try to imagine that it’s your truck taking the plunge and ask yourself if it’s really worth the risk.

The Ice Fishing Theme Song

(With apologies to Queen.)

Any good adventure is made much better with a theme song. Although there’s no lesson here it’s a great way to kick off your ice angling weekend.

Yours In Boating,

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