The thrill of hunting down a Big Bass is huge and to help you reach your goal here are some top tips to getting one on your line.

1. Rod and Reel

You don't need the most expensive gear on the market to catch Bass. Regardless of if you're fishing from shore or in the middle of the lake in your trusty V-hull, stick with Spinning gear if you are finding Bait Casters difficult. Remember that a full day of fishing can be exhausting so light weight gear can be beneficial.

2. Terminal Tackle

The variety of line on the market can be overwhelming so head for the middle ground in terms of pricing from a trusted company and should do well. Use the lightest line possible, however if you catch a big one don't have line so light that it breaks. Be sure to buy good, sharp hooks and keep a hook sharpener in your tackle box.

3. Bait

See what tempts the big boys. You may have to test different ones until they start biting. If the fish are biting by the shallows this isn't the time to try the worms. Have a selection of lipless crankbait, lipped shad and jitterbugs and try each one to see what works.

4. Seasons

Bass spawn in the Spring and sit close to the shore. There is a chance to catch a large Bass guarding her nest, however be sure to let the Bass back to complete the spawning. Bass adapts to weather, temperature and feeding patterns so do your research on techniques for fishing Bass in Summer, Winter and Fall. As the temperature drops later in the season the fish will head to the shallows to feed.

5. Focus

Remember that Big Bass are big because they have not been caught and they have seen the items in your tackle box before so they are not easily fooled. Keep in mind that Bass are territorial and the biggest ones will have the best cover so are the hardest to find. Unfortunately be ready to lose equipment as sometimes they will get stuck in the heavy weeds. This is a small price to pay for the rewards of catching a trophy winning Bass.