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How To Avoid Hull Damage

It only takes one good hit to damage your outboard motor or, even worse, the hull of your boat. Hitting bottom with your boat is an issue that many boaters deal with but with a little precaution and common sense, you can avoid it.

How To Choose The Right Boat Trailer

When buying a new boat or pontoon the trailer you’ll be towing it with often takes a back seat. You get caught up in the size, power, and features that you need to make your summertime dreams come true. The boat’s trailer falls to the side as an afterthought. But, not all trailers are created

How To Choose A Fish Finder

There’s absolutely no doubt about it: Fish Finders make fishing easier. They carry an abundance of features that help you navigate, understand the lake terrain, and find the fish you’re angling for. But, not all fish finders are created equal. There’s a reason why they range in price from $50 to $1000 or more. It’s

How To Inspect & Maintain Your Boat Trailer

We often don’t think about our boat trailers until we’re about to leave the boat launch after a day of fishing. We notice that straps are loose, the winch is tight, or maybe the break lights are flickering. We make a mental note to check on it once we get home, but we’re too tired

You Got A Bite! Now What?

Feeling that nibble at the end of your line is an exciting moment. Adrenaline shoots through your body and your muscles tense. This is the moment that you wonder if you’re about to set a record. It’s also the moment that “the one that got away” stories begin.